1920's Ceiling Light Fixture with original Glass Shades Brass bronze color Ornate deco trim Farmhouse Collectible display


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This is a stunning pendant lamp, ceiling fixture. It has a beautiful art deco design. It is a bronze color, but I believe it is actually brass, because of the weight. It is a large ceiling fixture with the original glass globes. They are all in good condition with no damage of any kind. There are 5 lights with a very Art Deco pattern. This piece is adjustable from the ceiling by about 3". It is 15" across the arms. It is 15"-19" long, This piece came out of a house in East Hill, in Pensacola, FL. It has a brass tassel that hangs from the center of the fixture. The shades are a clear frosted glass, flared at the bottom.

Additional information

Weight 224 oz
Dimensions 20 × 18 × 14 in