1924 Military laundry Clothing Pins Complete sets matching numbers Brass Keys-Davis USA collectible display decor laundry room wall art


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This is a genuine set of Laundry pins. There are 7 giant pins and 8 small pins. It is very rare to find a complete set of these pins. The set is Brass and has the original patina. All pieces are in great condition. I have had this in my laundry room for about 14 years. I am trying to eliminate some of my collections and this is ready to go. The large pins are 5" long and the small pins are 2" long. I have seen a few of these sets in the past, but have never seen one that has all of the original pins with the same number on them. It has a hole at the top for hanging. There are a total of 15 pins. They are marked at the top patented July 22, 1924. In the center of the holder, it is imprinted Keys-Davis and made in Battle Creek, Mich. Very unique. Perfect for a bathroom or laundry room.

Please note: I cleaned up set #41- back to shinny brass (gold).
Set #326 still has the original patina (bronze).

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Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in
Primary color