Antique Box Red Velvet Lined Fold out Box Display Collectible Spanish hand made including handle Narrador desconozido Unknown Narrator


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This is a unique find. From the estate of an interior designer, this is something I have never seen. This box is held together with hinges and leather strips that wrap around pins. The end of the box comes off and all of the sides unlatch to make it completely flat. It translates as near as I can tell to: Unknown Narrator. It is lined with red felt and I have no idea what it originally held. He had many circus items and this may have been some type of a trick box. It is also signed J.C. Murillo. I did quite a bit of research on this unique box and couldn’t find anything. Anyone with information to share, would be appreciated. This is a very neat piece.

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Dimensions 26 × 20 × 20 in