Antique Folk Art Wooden Child's Chair 1880's-90's highly decorated ornate painting with crosses on seat and back wood screws on sides


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An Antique Child’s chair. This piece has a very ornate painting all around. It has a rope type pattern with red dots in the centers along the inside and outside of the arms and around the base of the seat. It is an old piece and dates to the 1880’s-90’s. It is 27" tall on the back of the chair. It is 11" wide at the back of the seat and 13" wide at the front of the seat. It is 12" front to back on the seat. There are 4 wooden screws, two on each side of the seat. I do not know what the wooden screws were for. It has a very folk art painting throughout the chair. Done in brown, red and green. There is a cross in the center of the back and in the center of the seat. It is 10 1/2" from the floor to the seat. The back has been repaired as can be seen in the pictures. This is a unique and rare find. It is 12 1/4" wide across the top of the back and 13" wide across the bottom of the back.

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