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From a Pharmacy auction I attended, this is a very nice old Baume’ hydrometer. It is marked Whithall, Tatum & Co. It is in great condition and has no damage. It is 11 3/4" long. It is an early piece and comes in a round wooden box.

Baumé and Specific Gravity Hydrometers
Analyze Liquids Easily with Baumé and Specific Gravity Hydrometers

Dual-scale Baumé and Specific Gravity Hydrometers make testing liquids quick and easy. These glass hydrometers are great for running tests on small volumes of liquid. Choose from two categories—one for liquids heavier than water and one for liquids lighter than water. 165mm long. Temperature of standardization is 60°F. Each Hydrometer is graduated for both Specific Gravity and Baumé divisions.

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Weight 480 oz
Dimensions 18 × 4 × 4 in