Beautiful Antique Picture Wooden Spools of light pink thread music sheets detailed frame fringe lace roses silver thread Shadowbox


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This is a Beautiful Antique wall hanging. It has an antique picture of a woman with sheets of music and wooden spools of light pink natural thread. It has a silver strand of thread (wire?) running through it. It is a large framed piece. The Sheet music is Silver Threads among the gold. It has a very ornate dark brown frame that is wooden. It is a Stunning piece with a hand made doily in the background with a tassel in the foreground. The roses in the shadowbox are made of lace. This is a piece that someone took great care in making. The box is lined with Linen and in good antique condition. I has a very ornate frame that is dark brown wood. It is most likely rosewood or mahogany. It is 25" long, 20" across and 4" deep. It is covered in glass and just a really pretty piece, with great detail. I have tried to capture the time and caring that was put into this piece. I would imagine it is someone’s grandmother or mother.

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Weight 256 oz
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 14 in