Beautiful Wall Haning or Sitting Trinket Storage Collectible Box with Glass front wood shelves Large Curio Cabinet mirrored back display


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This is a Fantastic glass front case, mahogany with a wooden pediment and a rounded top so it cannot be used as a shelf. It has a glass front and the sections inside are shelves. I have used it in various rooms over the years and no longer have room for it. It is great in the bathroom with collectible beauty products. Perfect for a child’s room with miniatures or collectibles. It is great for holding little vases, or any item you might collect. I use one like it in one of the boy’s room and have it filled with various collectible items. This unit is pretty large. This piece has 2 shelves plus the bottom shelf of the cabinet. This case has a divided glass on the front. The height is 25" including the pediment on the top. The cabinet is 21" tall. The shelves are 12" wide and 4 1/2" deep. The width of the cabinet is 14 1/2" at the top of bottom. This curio has metal hangers on the back and weighs approximately 14 lbs without packaging. It will be shipped through Fedex. It can sit on a flat surface or be hung. There is 7" from the base shelf to the bottom of the middle shelf. There is 6" from the center shelf to the top shelf. Because the top is raised in the center, it is 6 3/4" from the shelf to the top of the cabinet in the center and 5" at the sides. So it is graduated in height from the edges to the center of the top shelf.

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Weight 320 oz
Dimensions 26 × 20 × 12 in