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This is a fantastic cabinet. I have changed all of the knobs to porcelain and they are all different. There are 54 drawers. The cabinet has the original patina, I decided not to paint it because it has a light cover of rust from being used in a garage or work shop for years. I slightly sanded it and cleaned all of the drawers. This cabinet is in great condition with surface rust only. There are no holes or serious deep rust spots. The cabinet is some type of metal, probably steel because it is very heavy. The drawers are galvanized metal and have no rust. This piece is just darling. Perfect for any kind of storage. The cabinet size is 42" tall, 8 1/4" front to back and 15 1/8" across. The top drawers are a little more shallow and the bottom drawers are a little deeper. All of the drawers from row 2-17 are 4" across, 8" long and 1 3/4" deep. The top drawers are the same but the depth is 1 1/2" and the bottom drawers are the same with the depth of 2 1/2". These are the top and bottom 3 drawers. All of the middle are the same. This piece is very heavy and will be shipped through Fedex or some other means as it weighs too much to ship through USPS. I will most likely put the drawers in one box and the cabinet in a separate box. I wouldn’t want to have any of the knobs be damaged during shipping. The weight is about 80lbs.

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Weight 960 oz