Large Farmhouse Galvanized Storage Can Oil Water collectible display 5 gallon long small spout with side handle for pouring


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This is a fantastic old can, straight off of the farm. It has a neat pour spout at the top, a small slender spout. It is 22" tall and 13" across the bottom. It seems to be a 5 gallon jug, but I didn’t check it. It has no markings and seems to be hand made, welded at the seam. It has a metal handle and a metal loop at the side for pouring. It is quite a neat piece. It doesn’t seem to have any odor of any kind so I assume it was used just for water. No oil residue or other odors. It is a unique and large piece. Great for a farm or ranch.

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Weight 224 oz
Dimensions 24 × 14 × 14 in