Original Lithograph Full Color Embossed Evelyn Wedding Bridal farmhouse Collectible Display from Painting by Frank Desch wall decor


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Original 1920’s*Frank Desch*Salesman Sample*Calendar *Flapper Girl *Bride*Evelyn*Roaring 20’s

This is for a sample that calendar salesmen would take with them on calls to show their customers calendar possibilities for the coming year. This is a particularly nice calendar sample featuring an image by Frank Desch. A lovely flapper girl named Evelyn is getting married. She is everything you can imagine a roaring twenties bride-to-be looks like. Perfect for a wedding or bridal shower. This piece would be beautiful with the right frame and mat.

Nice embossing in the floral circle that surrounds Evelyn. Also, there are small stripes embossed on the white background. This would have been a very high end calendar.

Artist: Frank Desch

Paper Size: approximately 10 x 15 inches

Image Size: 6½ x 9 inches

Year: approximately 1920

Product: Calendar Salesman Sample

Nice embossing

Printed on Cardstock

Condition: Excellent.

The colors are beautiful.

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Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 20 × 14 × 2 in