Vintage Brooch Graziano Tree of Life Rainbow colors with 4 topaz hanging stones green into lavender into orange into yellow Stunning Pin


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One of the prettiest brooches I have ever found. This piece is gold tone and has a beautiful rainbow of colors. This piece is enameled and filled with multi colored stones. It starts out at the bottom with a green enamel trunk. From there it goes into a lavender with lavender stones, then to a bright orange with topaz colored stones and then into yellow enamel with very light green periodot stones. This piece is made by Graziano. It is a fine quality, costume jewelry brooch.

I am not gemologist, and due to the high quality of laboratory made stones I can take no responsibility if the stone appears not to be genuine. I try my best to accurately describe the stones in my jewelry items. All items I sell will be described to the best of my ability, with research I have done over the years.

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Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 in