Vintage Schering desktop Plaque marked Secundum Artem and Tinactin New Old stock in original Box 1981


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From a Pharmacy that closed in the 1970’s, this plaque can be used to sit on a desk or hang on the wall. It has it’s original paperwork in the box and is in the original box that it was sent to the Pharmacy in. It is marked on the box Tinactin Sulphur Plaque 1981. It is in good condition. It is 4.5" tall and 2 7/8" across. It says on the paperwork, Symbols, tracing back to the 11th century, represented processes, substances and metals employed in the art of Alchemy. As time went on, they became a universal language and code for Alchemists throughout the world. This symbol -Sulphur is the sixth in the Tinactin series. Ancient Alchemy Symbols- honoring the modern profession of pharmacy.

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