Wow Radio and Television TV Tubes Sylvania GE RCA Zalytron Assorted Hundreds of Tubes in Travel Case with Drawer Little fuses and more


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This is a Fantastic Set. This is a travel case with hundreds of television and radio tubes. There are several different brands and sizes. There are also several metal tins of little fuses. The set is in good condition. I cannot confirm that all of the tubes are working. I don’t know a thing about them other than they were purchased from an estate and the box is quite full. The box itself has a fabric covering and is wooden. The handle is bakelite. I believe this is an actual travel case for a television repair man. The weight is 21lbs. The drawer is full to the top of tubes that are not in boxes. I will assume they are not good. Even without these, there are over 100 tubes in boxes. There are also a couple of specialty tubes. If you are familiar with the product, this is a good price for this many items. There are 136 tubes still in boxes. There are another 66 tubes in the drawer, not in boxes. There are 10 tins with fuses in them. There are a few other misc. items in the case.

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Weight 5888 oz
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 18 in

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