Antique Apothecary Drug Store Pharmacy Scale Torsion Balance 1880's Moulton's Pharmacy Pensacola, Fl Wooden & Glass Case glass metal walnut


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Purchased from a Pharmacy auction in Pensacola, Fl, this is a Torsion Balance Company Apothecary scale, model #260. It has a Plate glass case that is in very nice shape. There are no chips or damage to any of the glass. The case is made of wood, walnut, I believe. It measures 12 inches wide by 7 3/4 inches high by 5 1/2 inches deep. This is a Beautiful piece and would make a great display or collectible for the person that collects medical or pharmaceutical. I have very slightly cleaned this piece. Due to the delicate nature of this scale, with all of the glass and minute components, I didn’t want to take it apart. This group of Moulton’s drug stores opened in the 1800’s and closed permanently in 1978. Although the pharmacy was closed in the 70’s, I have a few items I will be listing that are dated into the early 80’s. This piece is model 260 making it late 1880’s to early 1890’s. It is a beautiful piece and as far as I can tell, there isn’t any damage of any kind to the piece. Please feel free to ask question. I insure my packages and with anything like this that is very fragile, it will be double boxed.

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Weight 2560 oz
Dimensions 20 × 14 × 12 in