Antique Apothecary Pharmacy Medical Poison Bottles Ant Killer Iodine Tincture Coca Cola Syrup Camphor Spirit Pharmaceutical collectible jars


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This is a great lot of old pharmacy bottles. The clear glass bottles are all cork top without threads. The white milk glass bottle is a little newer, probably the 30’s to 40’s. They are all in great condition with no damage of any kind. Purchased from a Pharmacy auction. The tallest bottle is the Camphor Spirit at 6 1/2" tall. The Ant Killer bottle is 5 1/2" tall, the Coca Cola Syrup bottle is 4 1/4" tall. The white milk glass jar is 4 1/2" tall. The milk glass jar has a screw top lid.

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Weight 73.600 oz
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 8 in