Antique Beaded Handbag Purse Germany full Bead with Fringe 1820's hand made beautiful loop bead trim


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This is a fantastic hand beaded bag from Germany ca. 1820’s. This piece is in good condition for a piece this age. Strictly for display, this piece is too fragile to actually carry. It is a beautiful purse with very great detail. It is fully beaded and has a sting for a handle. It is a unique shape and has stunning beads. All intact. The colors of this piece are purple, blue, red and green. It is fully lined in a purple fabric. No holes or damage. It is pointed at the bottom, it comes to a diamond shape at the bottom. It has looped beads all around the edges. It is in very nice condition. It is 5" across, 7 1/2" long without the fringe. It is less than 1" thick. A beautiful piece for display.

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4 in