Antique Damask Bathroom 100% cotton towel summer collectible display turn of the century 21×38 #9 farmhouse cottage shabby chic fluer de lis


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I am going to be listing about 20-30 cotton towels. These are great to use in dry areas like Arizona or Florida. These pieces are all 100% cotton unless I list it in the title. Most are turn of the century so although most are very clean and nice, there are a few with some thin spots. I will also point this out in the pictures, if there is any kind of discoloration or deterioration. Some are embroidered with monograms of 3 letters, some have a single monogram and I will put this in the title as well. Some of them, because of the elaborate monogramming, I cannot quite make out the letters. If this is the case, I will note it in the listing. Most of all changes I make, will be in the title only and not in the body of the listing. Please feel free to ask question. Keep in mind that all of these pieces are damask and I haven’t been able to capture all of the patterns clearly. Again, I can send more pics if requested. Most are what I would consider mint condition. Especially for pieces this old and with as much detail as they have. If I can’t put it in the title, I will put some additional information in the bottom of this listing.

This piece has fluer de lis and shamrocks throughout. It is a beautiful Irish cotton with damask dots. It has a monogram D on the front center.

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Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 in