Bittersweet Vase Pitcher Candlestick holder LE Smith Mid Century Mod Slag Glass Swung Pedestal Orange & yellow 19.5" tall sleek mod atomic


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A very Beautiful and large Bittersweet Orange slag glass vase. This piece is from the estate of a person that had tons of mid century modern items. This vase is a beautiful piece going from orange to yellow at the base. This piece is wide at the bottom. This is a fantastic large piece at 19 1/2" tall and 13.5" around the base of the vase. It goes from orange to yellow and back to orange with lighter rims around the base. A really neat piece. It has a lighter orange around the top. Made by Viking/Fayette glass, it is a swung piece. This is a pedestal vase pitcher and has a candlestick holder inside the base and is just stunning.

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Weight 192 oz
Dimensions 30 × 12 × 12 in