Early Vase Murano signed Glass La Murrina etched brandy snifter fish bowl design gold fleck geometric pattern Mod Atomic Mid Century peach


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This is a Fantastic Very large piece of Murano Glass, signed on the bottom by the Murano glass factory, MF, in a white circle. It is blown glass and has no damage of any kind. A very well polished pontil with a smooth rim aorud the top. It is a stunning piece and Very large. This is a Mid Century Modern vase and is also etched La Murrina. It is a genuine piece of Murano glass. I have shown the etching and the signature on the bottom. This is a very rare find and in Exceptional condition with no damage of any kind. Not even so much as a nick in the rim. It is just beautiful. It is 10" tall and 26" around. I found this piece on an auction house with a starting bid of $725.00. My price makes this a very good deal.

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