Miniature Antique Wooden Accent table Made in USA Collectible child's furniture pretend play display antique table


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This is a little miniature mahogany accent table. It is in very nice condition and I used it to display in one of my bedrooms with some child size furniture. It has a small lip around the top and is mahogany. This piece has very clean lines and is a nice sturdy piece. My husband and I became guardians for 2 little boys, that we are not related to, about 6 years ago. Now, my fancy little bedrooms are adorned with little boy toys. I have decided to sell some items from my personal collection. This is one of those pieces. It has been used for display for about 10 years. It came from an auction here in Pensacola. It is 17 1/2" tall, 12" across and 10" wide. A very cute little piece of furniture. Great for display, perfect for a child’s room. It is really too short to be used as an actual end table at only 17 1/2" tall, but very neat decor.

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Weight 224 oz
Dimensions 22 × 18 × 15 in