Vintage Erector Set No. 8 1/2 Ferris Wheel with Original Label (no instructions) Gilbert Metal Case


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This is a very old and large Erector set by Gilbert. It is in the original metal box, has part of the outside label and Most of the inside label. It is in pretty good condition. The little stickers inside have the number of pieces of each thing written on them. I don’t know how many pieces there are supposed to be. I don’t know how complete the set is. I didn’t now, nor have I ever put an erector set together. I have absolutely no idea how many parts are here, or not here. It has tons of pieces in various stages of wear. There are some that look new and some that have rust. I am selling this as an "AS IS" because I can’t give enough information about it. If you have questions, please as, I will be happy to answer questions. This set as near as I can tell is from the 1940’s. The case is in well used condition. Still red without any serious damage. could use a little cleaning. The weight on this is 16lbs and 8 oz.

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Weight 224 oz
Dimensions 24 × 15 × 6 in