Vintage Hanging Flower Basket Garden Window wrought iron floral plant basket 33" long 11" wide Patio Farm Cottage


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A very unique planter or flower holder. This piece is 33" long and 11" wide. It is designed to hold quite a large plant or flower. It has a square basket at the bottom with some ornate trim work. There are leaves on the sides of the basket. There is a loop at the top for hanging. Great by a dining room window or out on the patio or deck. This piece is ornate and unique. It is wrought iron and painted white and slightly shabby. The basket on the bottom is 10" x 10" and there is a trellis style bars across the back for a climbing plant. This is definitely a statement piece. Very pretty and clean.

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Weight 144 oz
Dimensions 35 × 14 × 14 in