Vintage Japanese Saki Pot Jug Jar Bottle Completely wrapped Porcelain Jug kanji writing on cover display collectible tv movie prop Asian


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This is a really neat old Saki bottle or jug. It has been wrapped for many years and I am unaware of what is under the wrapping. I didn’t know if it would destroy the value to take the covering off, so I have left it. I have no idea under the wrap how pretty or not, the saki bottle or jug is. It is all original wrap. The white strings on the piece have all but disintegrated. This is what I would consider somewhat of a grab bag. Since the underneath is not known. I purchased this piece from and estate sale. There doesn’t seem to be any damage as the wrapping is very secure. There is Kanji on the front, so if you are familiar with the writings, this may mean something to you. It is quite a neat piece. It is 10" tall and 7" across. It has the original cork, the seal is not intact. I know this is an early piece but am uncertain of the actual date.

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Weight 96 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in