Vintage lot of 48 Lithographs Gallery of Famous American Masterpieces in full color Biographical history of Artist on back of prints


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This is a Fantastic Lot of 48 of 50 American Masterpieces in full color. The envelope of large 15×18 lithographs with the biography of the artist on the back of each print. The number 5 and number 45 prints are missing from this lot of what originally was 50 pieces. The is a group that came from the Pharmacy auction I attended. They are in very nice condition with no damage and in the original large envelope. I will be happy to send more pics. if requested. I have taken pictures of all but of course can only put 5 in the listing. Please ask for more if you are interested. All prints have a good margin around the edge of 1 1/2"-2". I will list the Artist, but not each print as it would take wayyyyyyy toooo long. If you would like to know the name of the print by any of these artists, please send a convo.
Benjamin West
Joseph B. Smith
Benjamin West & John Trumbull
James Peale
Samuel F.B. Morse
Edward Hicks
William Sidney Mount
Ammi Phillips
Robert Salmon
Thomas Sully
Geroge Caleb Bingham
James I. Evans
Richard Caton Woodville
Anonymous-The Claremont Hotel New york
John Carlin
William A. Wall
Frank Mayer
1a. Tapy
Alfred Jacob Miller
George Peter Alexander Healy
Thomas Nast
Albert Biestadt
Anonomys-Home on the Mississippi River
Currier & Ives
Horace Bonham
Estman Johnson
James Abbot McNeill Whistler
Winslow Homer
Thomas Eakins
Louise Comfort Tiffany
John George Brown
Charles Frederick Ulrich
Edwared Lamson Henry
W.H. Brown
Frederic Remington
H.W. Hanse
William James Glackens
Maurice Prendergast
Joseph Pickett
Clide Hassam
George Bellows
Charles Demucth
Jerome Myers
Horace Pippin
Andrew Wyeth
Grandma Moses
Philip Evergood
Jack Levine

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