Vintage Unicorn Princeton Gallery Love's Magician Fine Porcelain 1995 Collectible Whimsical Gift Display horse

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Vintage Princeton Gallery porcelain unicorn from 1995. This is "Love’s Magician". This unicorn is white with pink raised flowers in it’s mane and tail. It is on a platform that of clouds. There is a beautiful crystal under the stomach that is a Rainbow of colors. It sits on a base of light blue clouds. There are platinum stars and moon on the base. The hooves and horn are platinum. This is a rearing unicorn and it is highly decorated. The sash around the front is adorned with what look like charms in royal colors and platinum and gold. There are also raised crystals, that I believe are Swarovski. It is 10 1/2" across and 9 1/2" tall. It was purchased from an estate sale here in Pensacola, FL. No damage of any kind. Made of fine porcelain. A great Gift for the Little Princess in your life.

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