WW2 U.S. AAF A-10 Sextant in Box instructions dated 1959 with mounting bracket & parts seems very complete Nice case leather handle Museum


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WW2 U.S. AAF A-10 Sextant in Box. It seems to be very complete. It comes in a wooden box with clean latches and hinges. No rust or damage. The case is a dark wooden case, probably mahogany. It is firm and solid. It has metal feet on the bottom (if sitting upright) and on one side if set up to open. The little feet are metal. It has the serial number and model plate on the top of the box. This is a museum quality piece. Very nice condition. There are a couple of pieces in an envelope that I did not open. There is a bracket to mount like you would use on the bottom of a camera, to be hand held. This set is very clean. There is a leather handle that is also intact. I am uncertain of the date of this piece but have based it on the date of the instructions. The weight is 8 lbs 12 oz without packaging. Shipping is based on this weight. The case is 9 1/2" square and 5 1/2" tall.

The Sextant was used by navigation crews in planes such as the B-17, B-24, B-29, and C-47. The sextant would hang from the astrodome in the ceiling of the aircraft while the navigator sighted select stars, plotting its change in location with the timed plotline mechanism to determine aircraft course.

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